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1st June 2020

Jerónimo Martins Customer Story

Jerónimo Martins Customer Story
The Jerónimo Martins group is one of the largest groups in the food distribution and specialized retail sector. With more than 500 stores and headquarters in Portugal, it is present in three different countries and has more than 33 thousand employees nationwide.

Following the declaration of a state of readiness in Portugal due to Covid-19, the Group implemented extraordinary measures in the development of its activity, in order to contain the spread of the disease, minimizing the risk of contagion among its employees and customers.
Marta Maia, CPO of the Jerónimo Martins group, commented on this situation, "We are from the first moment of this crisis trying to guarantee the safety and health of our teams. Our stores have never closed, hence the extreme importance of managing risk effectively. infection and thus prevent the spread of the disease.
We were looking for a solution that could be easily adapted to our different activities, central offices, stores and distribution centers, that would guarantee the reliability of the results, in line with the values of our organization and above all that would offer confidence and security to all our companies.

biosurfit presented Smart Triage as "an innovative solution capable of responding to all of these challenges and an intelligent solution for monitoring the health of our employees."
"In a first phase, we implemented the system in the central offices where we arranged an exclusive space for the smart triage system. The adhesion by the employees was extremely positive and valued, everyone felt confident and safe in carrying out their work activities in this new context that we live in. After the headquarters, we moved to some stores and logistics centers, where we implemented the same system with enormous success, further reinforcing the level of confidence and security of our operational teams ", she explained.

With the implementation of Smart Screening, it is possible to:
  • Screen for possible existing cases of COVID-19 through the swab test;
  • Perform analysis of peripheral blood through a simple finger prick, relevant oximetry and temperature, with results in just 8 minutes for monitoring the health status of employees;
  • Integrate all this information in a mobile app that allows access to the entire history, as well as sending risk alerts to the clinical staff when applicable.
All of this can be done locally in a dedicated space or in a mobile unit that can be moved to different central offices, stores or distribution centers.
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