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Microfluidic product development

Offering a broad spectrum of microfluidic development services, biosurfit empowers clients with tailored solutions to meet their diagnostic challenges.
Through a blend of expertise and innovation, the pathway from concept to cartridge is streamlined, ensuring precision and user-ease in diagnostic applications.

  • High expertise on centrifugal microfluidics and capillary based flow providing versatile solutions for a wide range of assay configurations & reaction types 
  • Versatile sample processing capabilities with a wide array of cartridge-based functions developed and implemented: plasma/red blood cell separation, sample dilution, precise volume aliquoting, complete reagent resuspension, robust mixing, cell lysis & staining
Microfluidic product development

Prototyping facilities

Our prototyping facilities expedite the development cycle, aligning with client requirements for effective solutions, timely delivery, and cost-efficiency. A variety of cartridge materials and advanced prototyping techniques are leveraged to ensure swift iteration and validation.

  • Quick turnaround in design, prototyping, and testing cycles
  • Wide range of cartridge materials: 
o   PC
o   PMMA
o   COC
o   COP
o   PDMS
o   PE
o   Others

  • Expertise in diverse prototyping techniques
o   CNC milling
o   Laser cutting & etching
o   Pressure sensitive adhesive bonding
o   3D printing
o   Hydrophilic/hydrophobic surface treatments

  • Effective fluidic & hardware integrated verification process
Prototyping facilities

Point-of-care test development

We simplify the path to reliable point-of-care test development by offering a blend of proven track records and expertise in diverse microfluidic and detection methodologies supported on a solid IP portfolio. The approach leverages on robust and versatile centrifugal microfluidic based solutions and emphasizes customer proximity and a swift feedback loop, ensuring timely adjustments from initial specifications to final deliverables, aligning with both timelines and budgetary considerations.

  • Relevant experience on cartridge integration of blister based liquid reagents & buffers 
  • User friendly sample inlet - spinit® strip -  a proprietary device developed by biosurft to easily collect sample from patient and load to a 8 µL cartridge of whole blood or other liquid sample matrix 
  • Extensive know-how on reagent dry-down to enable fast and effective transfer of lab-bench protocols to robust and automated cartridge-based sample processing & analyte detection
  • Expertise on diverse detection methodologies
o Spectrophotometry
o Automated brightfield & fluorescence microscopy
o Surface plasmon resonance
o Immunochromatography
o Molecular biology techniques

  • Proven track-record of developed clinical diagnostics point-of-care devices
  • Experienced, versatile and dedicated team assuring customer proximity and quick feedback loop from initial specifications to final deliverables
  • Complete development process assuring the complete route of proof-of-concept, feasibility evaluation, design optimization, verification & validation and final regulatory submission.

Point-of-care test development

Equipment development

Our highly experienced engineers work closely with the Production teams providing a unique opportunity to combine different perspectives and experiences, deliver products ready for production and finally drive innovative solutions. We develop robust engineering solutions to bring your product concept through a demanding certification process up to the startup of production. Our focus is to confirm that all product functionality and requirements are fully addressed, including all key performance metrics, product safety, reliability, cost and manufacturability.

Our Areas of Expertise include:

  • Electronics development
o   Schematics and layout PCB boards
o   Software and firmware development
  • 3D Modeling
  • Development and miniaturization of optical systems

o  Optical and fluorescence microscopy
o   Spectrophotometry
o   Surface plasmon resonance
o   Magneto-immunoassays

  • Mechatronics
  • Thermal control
  • System integration

Equipment development
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