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spinit® is a fully automated Point-of-Care diagnostics solution designed to deliver quantitative measurement of blood parameters to physicians in minutes. 

It was developed to analyse different test panels, using only one drop of blood and spinit® disposable discs. 
With its unique technology spinit® can deliver results using a variety of different detection methods allowing it to combine immunoassay, haematology and clinical chemistry targets in the same panel. This provides the results that the physicians really need for clinical situations.


  • Multi-Detection Methods
  • Multi-Parameter
  • Reliable results in minutes - short test time
  • Lab quality precision
  • Quantitative results 
  • Utilises one drop of blood with a finger prick


spinit® instrument

  • No maintenance or calibration required
  • Small footprint 
  • Customisable settings
  • User-friendly operation
  • Full connectivity
  • Unlimited storage
spinit® instrument



  • optional printing of test results in standard label

barcode reader

  • for reading barcode sample / disposable disc / operator id / patient id
spinit® accessories

spinit® Technology

  • 1 Powerful microfluidics & sample prep
  • 2 All reagents on discs
  • 3 Multiple detection methods: surface plasmon resonance, microscopy and spectophotometry
  • 4 Multi-parameter panels
  • 5 Advanced quality controls
  • 6 Standard CD/DVD format
spinit technology
advanced microfluidics
All microfluidic elements and functions are integrated in a toolbox approach in the spinit® discs. biosurfit explores advanced proprietary microfluidics to perform all the required steps for any diagnostic test: allowing samples to be prepared, suspended or modified as required, resuspension of reagents, aliquoting, mixing and fluid delivery to detection areas. This is all integrated inside a plastic DVD-like disc and operated by a simple rotation protocol using a standard DVD drive.
The spinit® system combines three different methods, that currently cover the vast majority of blood analysis.
detection methods
Immunoassays are performed with Surface Plasmon Resonance detection, using a polarised laser beam focused on the detection spots. The resonance of the light, detected by a phototransistor is altered by the presence of any molecules bound to the antibodies and this change 
(or SPR shift) quantifies the amount of protein present in the patient’s blood.Automated cytology is performed using an integrated microscopy module, specific microfluidic structures and standard haematology dyes.
Clinical chemistry assays are performed by measuring the absorbance of light at different wave lengths using multiple LEDs.

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