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how it works
To get accurate results it is vital to give the healthcare professional all the necessary tools for their training and education.


Which tests can I perform with spinit® instrument?
Find all the available tests at the products page.
How can I perform a spinit® test?
Access this page where you will find all the information on how to run a spinit® test. 
How long it takes to have a result?
Depends on the test you are performing:
CRP - < 4 minutes
HbA1c - < 6 minutes
BC - 7 min 

What kind of samples can I use? Can I use treated (EDTA) samples?
It depends on the test you are performing:
CRP - serum, plasma, whole blood
HbA1c - whole blood-venous or capillary blood
BC - whole blood-venous (EDTA) or capillary blood
What is the shelf life of the tests?
It varies depending on the product, usually 12 months. The shelf life of our products is always printed in the pouch label of the product. 
Can I perform all tests with one disc?
The discs are disposable reagents and each disc is used for a specific parameter or panel according to what you wish to analyse.
Do I have to add reagents to the disc?
No, all the reagents necessary to perform the assay are inside the disc.
Where can I buy the spinit® instrument and the discs?
a) Want to be a spinit® distributor? Fill in this application form.
b) Want to have spinit® at your GP, hospital? Find a distributor here .
How often does the spinit® instrument need maintenance?
The spinit® instrument is designed to be maintenance free by the user. It performs multiple functional and operational tests to guarantee proper performance. By default, an auto-maintenance procedure is performed after each test.
Can I connect spinit® to my client data management software?
The spinit® instrument may be connected to a remote Laboratory and Hospital Information System (LIS/HIS) using a standard Ethernet cable plugged into the RJ-45 connector (LAN port is considered as in house SELV).  
Is it mandatory any additional control calibration?
The spinit® instrument is designed to be maintenance free by the user. The quality control testing should be performed to confirm the spinit® instrument is working properly and providing reliable results. biosurfit recommends using specific quality controls with the spinit® instrument and provides the established reference ranges for the spinit® system upon request.

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