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spinit® Covid Antibody spinit® Covid Antibody
spinit® Covid Antibody
Immunity Monitoring

spinit® Covid Antibody

The spinit® COVID antibody is a quantitative test used to determine and monitor the amount of Sars-Cov-2 antibodies.

Technical Data

Sample volume: 30 µL
Sample material: Serum, plasma, whole blood
Time to result:  < 20 min. 
Kit size: 20 test discs. Separately packed discs. 
Quantitative test
Storage: 2-30ºC

clinical utility

Antibodies are the proteins that our body produces to fight infections, in the course of contact with the disease COVID or after administration of the vaccine. The quantification of antibodies is extremely important for the individual and population to determine the risk of infection, since it allows to see if the individual has acquired any immunity and as such to determine if he is protected against reinfection.

Despite being a very important immune indicator, this result does not represent a guarantee of a lasting or effective response against reinfection by SARS-CoV-2, so you should follow all recommendations from the General Directorate of Health for your greater protection and that of others and assess the level of antibodies over time. 

The spinit® COVID antibody test allows with just a drop of blood in less than 20 minutes to know the amount of antibody, using the standardization of the solutions of the World Health Organization.

All of this in a few minutes using spinit®, the same instrument used for spinit® HbA1c, CRP and Bloodcount products. 

The spinit® products can help you understand which type of pathogen is causing an infection so you can deliver the most effective medication to your patients and help stop resistances to unneeded drugs.
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