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Transfer your expertise to point of care tecnhology

Our Technology

With 31 families of patents, biosurfit is globally recognized for its microfluidic technology and its capability to integrate in a CD / DVD all the sample preparation steps.
Our Technology

biosurfit is able to concatenate in a single instrument, different detection methods which allow full flexibility when performing transition to a point of care product. 


LED technology covering a wide range of wave lenghts, from Ultraviolet up to Infrared. 

The wide range allows the quantification of a large panel of analytes. 

surface plasmon ressonance

biosurfit has large experience working with surface plasmon resonance as a detection method.

This technology allows monitoring of biological interactions with high sensitivity.
surface plasmon ressonance


biosurfit image based patented technology allows cell classification using AI and Machine Learning as crucial components to create accurate and reliable models.

This disruptive technology has a wide range of applications and is able to leverage cell viewing / counting projects in a Point-of-Care setting.

Create your standalone, connected, high performance POC device leveraging on biosurfit patented technology:

  • No external reagents or calibrators; 
  • Internal AI based QC technology that creates a proactive and interactive system aiming maximum product uptime; 
  • Network connection, HL7 based, allowing integration with LIS Sytem and external software Sales, Servicing and others; 
  • Capability to create multiplexing panels of different analytes in just one disc. 
A reliable partner from project design to large scale manufacturing

OEM Licensing

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